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Post-Judgment Modifications

Getting a modification of judgment can be a challenge without the proper attorney. We have years of experience in these cases, and can help you to obtain a more favorable judgment in your Family Court case.

Life rarely goes as planned. With today’s mobile society, families often move to take new jobs or to be closer to extended family. The courts recognize this and have measures in place that allow change requests in final family court judgments. These modifications of judgment help you to better manage your life with your family and to avoid additional court appearances.

There are many reasons that a person may need a modification of judgment. In some cases, parents move into different jobs and schedules change. The old visitation schedules may no longer work, and the parties may need to change the court order to one that is more favorable for everyone involved. In other cases, a parent may seek a modification of judgment in order to increase visitation time. A lawyer can argue on your behalf that there has been a change in circumstances and that warrant a new order. These cases may be tricky, therefore hiring a knowledgeable attorney is key.

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