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Domestic Violence in Florida

Defining Florida Domestic Violence

Domestic violence plays a role in the disintegration of many Florida marriages and relationships, and as those who are familiar with it know divorce or separation may not end the abuse. In many situations, in fact, it escalates it.

Domestic violence encompasses more than just physical abuse between a husband and wife. Domestic violence occurs when an abuser harasses, threatens, stalks or otherwise interferes with his or her victim. A victim may be a current or former spouse, someone with whom the abuser has a child or grandchild in common, or someone the abuser is living with (including someone acting as a parent or grandparent) or dating. The abuser may have sexually assaulted or otherwise physically harmed the victim, attempted to do so, or acted in such a way that the victim fears imminent physical harm.

Understanding How 50B Protective Orders Work

While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, men can be victims, too. Both male and female victims may hesitate to report domestic violence for fear they won’t be believed or that the abuse will escalate. Because of this and other factors, domestic violence can be very isolating. The attorneys at The Waterhouse Law Firm can help.

Our attorneys have assisted many women and men with domestic violence matters, including obtaining domestic violence protective orders, also known as 50B Protective Orders or restraining orders. These orders are appropriate for situations such as those above, when the abuser is in a personal relationship with the victim, and typically require the abuser to stay away from the victim and the victim’s workplace or home. In certain circumstances, the Court may also address temporary child custody issues.

In situations where delay could result in serious harm to a victim, it is possible to have an “Ex Parte” hearing without the accused abuser present, to arrange for temporary protection for a victim until a full hearing can be arranged. This must take place within 10 days.

Compassionate, Tenacious Florida Domestic Violence Attorneys

Because The Waterhouse Law Firm concentrates much of its practice in the area of family law, we have a keen understanding of how domestic violence issues impact separation, divorce, and child custody and parenting time. We take a holistic approach, considering all aspects of each client’s unique situation together to offer our clients peace of mind and hope for the future.

In addition to helping clients secure domestic violence protection orders, The Waterhouse Law Firm also represents individuals who have been accused of domestic violence by a spouse or former partner.

The Waterhouse Law Firm advocates for clients in Okaloosa, Walton, Santa Rosa and Bay Counties. We look forward to helping you protect your rights in your domestic violence matter, and invite you to contact us.

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